Certain rows of text and images look squished/distorted

I just recently purchased a Ortur Laser Master 2 and I’ve noticed occasionally I will have a row of my project that looks squished. Majority of everything will look great, and then there will be a couple sections that look distorted.

In the attached image, I tried to recreate a Pokemon card and you can notice the bottom two icons in the bottom-left & bottom-right are squished. As well as the first line of text that is supposed to say “Leech Seed Unless all damage”. In addition, I have the image inside a box and had 0.5 mm offset inside the border of the box, but you can see the image on the bottom offset had ~2mm, but looks right along the other sides. From the research I’ve done, I’ve tried doing it at slower speeds, and I still get the same problem.

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