Challenges with boolean subtract tool


I am trying to remove a line segment that is going past the cut region. I need a portion of this line. I have tried to join two line segments together to try and remove the part that sticks beyond. I watched a couple of the videos and it mentioned that ‘grouping’ would work. so i tried a simple example: box, triangle created with single line motion (worked) then a triangle with two separate lines (didn’t work). i am just trying to remove the line sticking past my cut area, didn’t think it would be this challenging.



Boolean operations work only on enclosed areas. If you want to just trim a line, the simplest way for now is to use the I (insert) and B (break) functions with Edit Nodes, then just delete the line segment you don’t want.

For example, if I want to trim the black line to be within the red box:

Select the black line, then click the Edit Nodes button (under the hexagon on the left toolbar):


Zoom in (mouse wheel) to where they cross:

Hover the mouse over the intersection point, hit ‘I’ to insert a point there:

Now, hovering over that point, hit B to break the line at that point. It should un-select it, and now you’ll have two lines, one on either side of the split. Select the one outside the box:

Then hit the Del key to delete it:

We actually have a line trimming function in progress, nearly complete, that will be in the next release that will do all of this automatically, but for the moment this is the easiest way.


thank you! that will get the job done. Keep up the great work on the software btw. it has been a breeze to use super intuitive and a lot of value add features.

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