Chamfered edge function

It would be nice to have a keyboard function (like the “S”, “C”, “I”, etc.) to apply a chamfer to a corner. I am working on a thing with a lot of hard corners and doing it “manually” is a bit of a pain. I don’t know how difficult this might be to implement, but it would sure save a lot of time.



Are you looking for chamfer (angled corner) or fillet (rounded)? Fillet is planned, but I hadn’t given much thought to chamfer, though that would likely be easier.


from a programming perspective, if you set the number of arc-segments ( the smoothness setting) on the fillet to ‘one’, that fillet becomes a chamfer.

Oz, Actually both in the particular case I am currently dealing with. I could easily do this in something like Fusion360 but this was something I initially thought I could whip out quick in LightBurn and it turned into quite a PITA. I guess if I had to choose only one, the fillet would be the more useful function.

Fillet is the hard one - Chamfer is pretty trivial by comparison, so if I’m doing one I can do the other.

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That would be appreciated. Thanks!

I was looking around everywhere within LB two days ago trying to find this feature because for some reason I thought it had already been added. :slight_smile:

Add my name too to the wishlist for fillets. I can manually create fillets by rounding corners using the node editor. But cannot apply identical rounding to other corners or control the “fillet radius” when scaling the object. Thanks!

I see rounding but not chamfer.
Is this correct?

Correct. It would actually be simple to do Chamfer.

Can I upvote this feature idea? Trying to chamfer corners right now :slight_smile:

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