Change in Manage Moves

Would be nice to have a option that when a burn is completed that when moving the laser off the work area that the Z-axis raises first and then do the X-Y movement

Could you make a separate layer as your last to execute that drives your z height down? A simple shape set to 2% power (or what ever won’t mark you material)…

Just an idea.

That can be achieved with LightBurn’s Z axis controls, you’ll just need to set your laser’s focus at the Z height you want the laser head to start from and lift to at the end, and apply a Z Offset to your cut layers that brings it down the correct focus height for the material you’re working with.

Relative Z moves only will be easiest to work with, since you can just focus to the material, then jog the laser head up a given distance, then set the Z offset to match that jog distance.

If you have multiple cuts you want the laser to lift in between before moving, make sure Optimize Z moves is disabled.

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