Change increment on step up/down arrows


when changing the value here or in the layer pop open box how do you change the amount the up and down arrows change the setting?

My PC at home changes the value by 5 on every click, but my work pc changes them by 2.5 every click. I’ve never changed anything as I do not know how, but it would be nice to know, I cannot find anything obvious in any settings.


I thought this is where I set them here…

Screenshot from 2022-03-13 19-42-03


no cannot be that, mine is set at 10mm, but the scale moves 5mm, and changing that value does nothing. I think that is for the distance the head moves if it’s set to manual instead of continious mode

From Lightburn Documentation on the ‘Move’ window.

To jog your laser, click one of the arrow buttons around the home button. This will move your head by the set distance, and speed entered in the window.


Neil, was referring to this
I never have used the step arrows, found it easier to just enter the value. But so far haven’t found a way to change the amount either

Do you have one machine in mm/sec, and the other in inches/min? That would change number it was stepping by, but they’d work out to about the same actual amount.

No, all are set to mm/sec. It’s the same with the power max and power min though.

home pc changes by 5% on a click, laptop at work changes 2.5% a click

Are they running the same version of the software? It’s possible we changed the step.

All running the same, and it’s been like it since I installed it a month ago or so, so both systems have been updated to latest version. even after updating they stay different. something somewhere must make it different

I’m looking at the code, and it is configured to change in 5mm/sec units, in both the cut setting editor, and on the main window.

This pertains ONLY to the speed value - others will have different increments, depending on what the control is for. The power values change in 2.5% increments, so could you just be mixing those up?

I’ll check the work one again tomorrow, the home one is 5 on speed and 2.5 on power yes

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