Change Layer Colors and/or Documentation Only Layer

I’m adding a load of small parts to one LightBurn file for subsequent cutting in varying materials/thicknesses. Eventually I’ll move each part to its own layer with specific cut parameters. I’m labeling the parts and adding material parameters so that I can select and cut them at a later date. This label I’ve added to a high numbered layer, renamed the layer to Documentation and set it not to cut. Unfortunately the color palette in combination with the “grayed out” look when output is disabled makes it virtually unreadable.

So my request would be to have the ability to choose our own layer colors and/or have a separate documentation only layer that remains visible but doesn’t get output. I haven’t submitted this as a request yet in case someone has a readily available solution I’m not aware of. (And yes, I could use the first layer for this, but I don’t want to! :smiley: )

I use T1 and T2 for these tasks, these are the last 2 layers in the layer row

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You could use the ‘Tool Layers’ for this, purely for creating non-output shapes in your designs. These layers have no cut parameters and will never be output to the laser. We also offer a per file ‘Note’ section for storing information about this file. You also have the ‘Materials Library’ to store setting for recall later.


… it’s timing :wink:

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Hmm. I have no idea why I didn’t check those two layers out. Seems pretty obvious. :roll_eyes:

They are much clearer, but show dotted lines instead of solid. Nor can they be renamed. But those are two minor issues that aren’t worth worrying about. Thank you both for the solution!

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