Change of email address

I’ve lost my access to the email address I used to register my lightburn, I can still access lightburn and the forums. I’ve looked through my account to find somewhere to change it but can’t see anything. I’m not having a problem at the minute, but should I need to update or find my key (had to do this in the past when changing computers). Is there a way to do this from my account or do I need to contact Lightburn - which I’d have to do from my old email address?

In your account click the wrench:

I’m not sure which address you’re having an issue with or what site… If you mean license portal then I think you’d have to email Lightburn support to get it changed…

That seems a pretty simple way to keep things in order…

Today is Sunday, they are probably gone until tomorrow.


Thanks, I just meant in general in case I have to request my serial number again for any reason, it does say you have to do that with the original email address you used. I’ll pop an email off to support tomorrow. I’ve printed off my serial number just in case but just don’t want to run into issues later


Found it many thanks - I just wasn’t seeing a wrench


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