Change position of elements

I have this problem where my drawing is fine but when the machine cuts it, it damages t

Hard to see the actual screen of the console, but it looks like you have three colors but only two on the display… is it my eyes?

You are moving at a very slow speed and the Ruida will change to min power when you cross the "Jumpoff speed’.


So check your layer and see what you have set for a min.

It’s sometimes useful if you don’t mind uploading the .lbrn2 file for us to examine. So if this isn’t a fix, might want to add that. Looks like a nice machine :slight_smile:


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it’s just two layers … i stopped the machine when it started drawing out of the circle … that’ why you see three colors… the third one is the undrawn elements. i have the same settings for the speed .

i uploaded the file but i am not sure if you can see it… let me know if it’s not shown

That appears to be a mechanical issue, because it is overlapping shapes that aren’t overlapped based on your controller screen capture.

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Nothing uploaded. You need to wait until the file fully uploads before hitting ‘Reply’ button for the file to show. :slight_smile: Please try again.

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slightburn.lbrn2 (1.5 MB)

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