Change settings in mid burn

Hi can settings be changed and saved during the burn. I would like to change the number of passes on a particular layer that is being engraved. Or would I have to wait till current layer is done then start from the beginning again then go over it

I’ve tried to change things midway, whatever is sent to the laser it can’t be changed, you can input but won’t change nothing hope this helps

Thanks Martin. do you know if setting 2 passes would solve this problem when setting the engrave up. Just that I don’t like setting 100% power but need it to complete the engrave

Have you tried a test card for different power and speed settings might help. Martin

I think if you have the console open, it switches to allow you to control the speed and power values with sliders within a certain range…

You would have to note them for entry later, I don’t think they are saved anywhere… It also works in percentage… if I remember correctly…


Thanks Jack yes I do aleter the power and speed but was wanting to change the number of passes but looks like you can’t do that. I will just have to rerun that

I will look into that as the mirror tiles are fairly expensive and don’t want to waste them on testing but I might have throw away do it.

I think you’ll find you will have too.

Most of these just don’t work exactly right until a little dialing in is done.

These materials shouldn’t be wasted, but they have to be tested.

The material test is great for this. You can make them relatively small so a small part of a mirror can go a long way in testing.

Good luck


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