Change+show origin in LB

In ruida I can change with a button the origin, where the machine goes after work. Sometimes it is too far, sometimes it is in the wrong place.
Can I change somehow from LB? Can I show up in LB?

Two different things, the machine does not necessarily go to the origin after the job. (I’m not familiar with CO2, but I guess it’s the same there) You can define a “finish position” in device settings. That’s where the head is sent after the job. So you might want to set your desired position there.

The return position or where it returns after the job runs, has three options in Edit → Machine Settings.

What origin button are you changing? Within Lightburn or on the Ruida console?

The machine origin is not something that is user selected, if that’s what you’re doing.

The origin in the Device Settings tells Lightburn which quadrant it’s operating within and isn’t and option that you can pick, it must be the machines origin.

The job origin in the laser window is different.


On the ruida controller if I press the Origin button. It saves an origin, where the head goes after the job.
Would be good to see in LB, where it is. If I press “Go to origin” button in the Laser window in LB, it moves the head there. But this is time.

I try to change the return position in the Machine settings:
-Origin (what I defined with the ruida button press)
-Absolute origin (Right top corner)
-No return, stay at the last point of the job (sometimes it is good)
-Docking point. (Right top corner) Can I change it?

Don’t know what this is, I don’t remember seeing it in the Machine settings…

I’m not clear what you’re asking.

Is this some way to expedite jobs?

Can you explain what you’re doing and what you want?