Change the Default save as directory

Where can I set the Default save as file directory. Lightburn does not remember the last save as file location when saving a new project the first time. It only remembers a previously saved file.

I do not see the default save as file in the pref.ini file.

I am running Lightburn (version 9.20) under the Windows 10 operating system.

LightBurn does remember the last used path when you Open, Save or Save as. It’s called ‘LastProjectPath’ in the prefs. The location is only stored if you save, not just when you browse there.

You are correct – I identified the problem to occur when I use the Lightburn macro in CorelDraw.
If I send a file from CorelDraw via the Lightburn Macro, the default save as location in Lightburn does not default to the ‘LastProjectPath’ in the prefs. The save as default changes to the Users file directory regardless of the previous ‘LastProjectPath’ in the prefs.

That’s because that macro is “opening” that exported file as though it were a project, so in effect it is the last project path. This was ID’d as a bug and fixed for the case where you’re using the macro to launch LightBurn for the first time, but I apparently missed it when LightBurn is already running. That’s now fixed too for the next release.

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