Change the workspace background color

Is there a way to change the workspace background color…to say a light gray or another color that is less hard on the eyes?
thanks mucho

I was hoping for a gradient solution. with the all or nothing choice, one cannot see the objects very well because they are black and blend into the dark workspace. Any chance I missed a selection that would allow the items drawn to be white or ?

LightBurn uses ‘Layers’. Objects are placed on one of the layer choices and then is rendered in said layer color. The layer colors used in LightBurn are fixed, and you cannot change a shape’s color to “white or…”.

You can change the layer color for the black objects to one of the other layer colors, but we don’t have a way to draw white shapes.

thanks…I’ll give it a shot

Thanks for this, I have always used AutoCAD with a black background so being able to switch to black on LB is what I was looking for.

Not to derail but since you brought it up about “not being able to draw white shapes”…this is something that has bothered me, not being able to change the color pallet of the layers. There has to be a way, doesn’t there? What I’ve done is figure out the RGB values of each color layer and then create parallel layers in AutoCAD so that when I import my DXF, my layers are all set up just like I want them and all I have to do is group and prioritize.

But being able to change the RGB codes of the layers in LB would be a big thing to me. I figured it was in there and I was just missing a screen but now I realize that you just can’t change it. I mean I would settle for being able spec the RBG values in an external prefs file even…

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