Changing controller on a Muse Core?

Hello - I have some wood accessories that I engrave for my company. I started with branding, but that was slow and inconsistent, so I moved onto a 15w open table diode laser from China that works ok, but it wasn’t good for production in that it’s alignment is always slightly off. Also, I live in a cold climate and need an enclosed laser so I can remove fumes from my basement where I’m doing the cutting. I trialed Lightburn and LOVED the software - truly so easy to use. My father generously upgraded the laser to a Muse 2D, but I realized after it arrived that you have to use their proprietary software on the machine. In short, it’s awful. They claim it works with Adobe Illustrator, but it doesn’t. What should take me a few minutes to import a file and get it ready for a test burn took HOURS. I’ve literally been in contact with their CS daily to try to get a fix (don’t get me started on the support). I told them I wanted to use Lighburn on my machine and asked how I could do that. They told me I would have to replace the controller which will void the warranty… I’m good with that, if it means I can actually use the machine. Can anyone help me determine what kind of compatible controller I would need to buy to make my 45w Co2 Muse Core work with Lightburn? I looked at Ruida and it seems like this will be about a $350 cost and a lot of elbow grease, but I’m up for the challenge. Thanks in advance!

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