Changing directories?

I need to know if there is a way to change the directory Lightburn goes to when I use the “open” command under the FILE header. It seems rather odd that you cannot change directories (that I know of).

I don’t think I really understand you, Lightburn uses the last used library to save or open files, this is the way it handles it under Mac OS, here at my system.

How is this question different than the one from the other day? Is there a nuance I’m not picking up?

Lol, no there is no other nuance. I was just hoping that perhaps someone else had run across this problem and solved it. I guess my only recourse is to rebuild my file system. I am not particularly good at that. I am really confused about why I can’t seem to either get my files into this directory or get Lightburn to open in the directory where my files appearto be. Not even sure they are there because they wont open without being in Lightburn.

I think I’m even more confused now. This makes me think that I did not understand what in fact you’re experiencing.

How would rebuilding your file system help with this?

Which directory are you referring to?

Are you saying that even after opening a file from that directory that LightBurn does not continue to open that directory?

Can you explain what this means?

Can you use screenshots to help illustrate what you’re dealing with?

No. Here is the problem, When I try to “open” a file in LB, the directory LB opens has only one folder in it. That folder is empty. I have attempted to move the files I retrieved from my old hard drive into the Directory which currently is the OneDrive > (my name)>personal. There are no files contained in that folder. I am unfamiliar with this file system on this new computer despite the fact that it is the same Windows version (10) I had on my old computer when it died. So now I am trying to do research on the workings of this iteration.

What you’re describing is very different than how I understood the problem yesterday.

It sounds like you’re having a couple of discrete issues.

  1. You’re having difficulty migrating the files from the old drive to the new drive
  2. You cannot navigate to a folder with files in LightBurn

Please do the following:

  1. Go to File->Open, once the open dialogue comes up, take a screenshot and upload here.
  2. Go to Windows File Explorer, navigate to where your old files are. Take a screenshot and upload here.
  3. In File Explorer, navigate to where you want the files to go. Take a screenshot and upload here.

ok I will attempt to do that. It will be a few minutes though so please don’t hold your breath, lol

Can you view this. Not sure how to do screenshots on this thing either…

Yes. It’s well visible.

these are some of the files. I have a few more folders like these with files as well. this is the directory I want them to go in but this isn’t what lightburn opens. These are the art libraries but even when I can navigate to the Lightburn folder and open it, No files show inside.

Okay. Try this please:

  1. In the File Explorer window click into the address bar.
  2. Do CTRL-C to copy the contents of that bar
  3. Go to File->Open in LightBurn
  4. Click into Address bar.
  5. Do CTRL-V to paste into the bar, then hit Enter key

That should navigate to the other folder and allow you to see your files. Once you open a file there LightBurn should automatically reference that folder going forward. This is what I was talking about your previous post.

Well, when I hit enter, it changed the directory to the one copied but when I try to open the Art folder it tells me in the window “No items match your search”.
I’m thinking that even though they show in the other directory, they dont actually exist on my computer. I guess I will have to re-download the files from the original source and place them into the correct directories.

I appreciate you help. I will figure this out eventually. It may have to do with this stupid OneDrive. I am going to attempt to remove that and clean thing up from there. Thanks again!

I only just now realized that all the files there are Art Library files. Not project files. File->Open dialog is to open project files (.lbrn), not Art Libraries.

Is your ultimate goal to setup your Art Libraries?

If so, go to the Art Library window, then push Load button. Navigate to the Art Library folder or Paste just as I’ve instructed earlier. Then select the Art Library to load.

If the Art Library is not visible, then go to Window->Art Library and make sure the check mark is seen next to the entry, otherwise enable it.

ok, Ill try that and let you know.

Is the Hidden file attribute perhaps turned on for this folder and may be the cause of the problem ?