Changing from a Chinese 3018 GRBL controller to a DSP

Hi guys n gals just a quick one. Is there any way to upgrade my licence now that I am moving onto a CO2 laser with a DSP controller rather than GRBL? Or is it a separate purchase of a new licence?

Thank You in advance


Thank you for your interest. Yes, we do offer an upgrade path. Have a look here:

If you originally purchased the GCode license, and later upgraded your laser to a DSP controller, you can upgrade your LightBurn license to the DSP version here. You will still be able to use all your GCode devices with the DSP license.

Do not purchase this unless you already have a GCode license key.

Enter your existing GCode license key - Do not enter a trial ID - we’ll update your existing license to include the DSP devices.

Thank you :grinning: I did purchase direct so once I get my Boxford I will follow the link and upgrade :grin:

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