Changing from RDC6442S to 6445G, does it make sence?

my 60W Laser has a Ruida RDC6442S build in, as it happen that I have a RDC6445G laying in my workshop I would like to ask if it makes any sence to install that instead of the 6442S?

If so, which parameters do I need to record and type in afterwards, or am I able to use a saveld file from 6442S in the 6445G?


I personally would not do the swap, you will not gain any new functionality. The only thing you would gain is the numeric keypad, and since your controller is already set up, the ability to use the keypad to enter settings is moot. As well, the 6445 is physically larger than the 6442, so you would have to do some trim work on the laser to make it fit.

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