Changing hole diameters in a Lightburn file

Is there an easy way to adjust hole diameters, like the slot width feature?

Example would be making a Cribbage Board, and adjusting the holes for different sized pegs?


If the holes are made using LightBurn ellipse primitives then you can select all of them and change the size in “Shape Properties” window. This isn’t always straightforward as the size shown in Shape Properties may not match actual on-screen size if you’ve resized the on-screen shapes while grouped with another shape at some point.

It’s actually pretty easy. Saw this tip from Oz way back. Change ONE of your holes to be the size that you want everything to be. Then, select all of your holes that are now smaller than you want. Lastly, select the hole that you have set to the new desired size. Hit these two buttons in the toolbar, which will make all the smaller holes the same width and height as the last hole you selected. Boom, done.


Many good answers here… depending on the change needed, may be possible with just the kerf adjustment.


That seems to work.



What seems to work?