Changing layer colours

Wondering if anyone knows how to (or if its possible) to change the colour of a layer within lightburn.

Sometimes in haste i’ll accidentally forget to change a layer in corel to red for cut and then when it gets into lightburn its black, rather than tinker with the settings in lightburn which will no doubt mean that further down the line i’ll end up with the wrong settings is there a way to just change the black layer to red (so that it loads up the auto-saved settings)…

no biggy if not, as at the moment i just reopen corel and change the colour and reimport but its all about working smarter!

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You can change the layer of any object by selecting the object and then click the desired layer color from the bottom palette of layer colors. This will change the object from the current layer to the new selected layer, change it’s on-screen representative color and apply that layer’s settings to the object.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for that - sorry i should have said (as ive confused everyone by using the word layer)…

They’re all on the same “layer” just different colours - therefore when trying to change one colour for another, its changing the entire layer to a single colour.

Ungroup first so you can select just the individual item(s) you want to move to a different layer.

But,…I don’t understand the “They’re all on the same “layer” just different colours - …” comment. Please show a screen cap. I have never seen 2 objects of different colors residing on a single layer in LightBurn.

Ohhh, i so need to experiment with lightburn more - i did not realise you could ungroup - which solves that issue immediately!

Yes, imported files are automatically grouped to speed and ease process of importation. Ungroup to allow actions on individual objects. This may require multiple ungrouping commands as the groups may be nested.

I’d still like to see a screen cap of more than one color residing on a single layer if that is happening for you.

its not multiple colours on the same layer in lightburn - i was refering to corel, where it was all drawn as one layer and coloured, again my poor explaining!

Glad you got it sorted.

To help…there are several tutorials to assist in using LightBurn.