Changing settings during burn

how do i see what settings worked when i have changed the speeds and power during burn
halfway through a project i noticed over burning so i reduced the power it fixed the issue but how do i find out what settings worked after the burn completed?

this is in the move panel during burn in
when the burn is complete it only shows my original layer settings not the adjusted ones during burn

at the moment there is no way to see at what power/speed are you after the change.
you know at what power or speed have you started and if you increase or decrease you can use a calculator to know new value.

Hi and thanks for the reply

Yes for example burning at 40% (this is the lowest my laser will burn at anything below this is just a light) 10% would be 4% = 36 power but it doesn’t run at that power so never actually know what it does

But thanks for reply was hoping there was a menu of it after that I could see :blush:

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