Changing settings within the prefs.ini file found in light burn folder

Hi, I searched the internet and forums to find how to change my settings, where I can stop the device settings popping up and having to search and add my laser each time a different/new user logs onto the computer and start-up light burn.

The internet suggested to go into the light burn folder on my pc and within the folder look for a file named, prefs.ini and within that file I could alter a specific name/code to give me the solution I am looking. I hope I have made the question sound clear and if not I can always try to explain further.

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You might explain what you are doing… You should not have to create (or search) for an existing device…

Have you checked that it’s on the right com port?


So I work in a school and we received the lightburn software using a rudia 644xs controller I believe. Everytime a new student/user logs onto the computer the devices menu/settings would pop up and the user would have to go through the option of “find my laser”, which would bring up the device discovery wizard and scan for the printer, allowing the user to add device and then setting it up accordingly.

Is there a way to avoid this, a way to allow the computer to save the device settings and therefore saving each students time in setting up the device settings each time lightburn opens.

For example I have logged onto the computer and have used lightburn and have been greeted by the device setup, after this first time it has never popped up again as it seems to save on my login. However if another user who has never used lightburn before logs onto the computer the device setup will pop up.

this is my original problem.

I have been told I can change this problem by changing the configuration in the LightBurn prefs folder which is stored in the user’s local AppData folder.

I’d suggest you drop a note to Lightburn support and ask them about how to handle this situation…

Maybe @JohnJohn can advise you with a better tack…

Hang in there…


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Hi Alan,

It would be best for you to email

I imagine that in a school the student user ID has become part of the directory tree and that students have limited access. Interesting obstacle.

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sorry for the late reply and thank you I will do

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