Changing slew speed of Roller Rotary

Hello, I have a GWeike G1 laser running Smoothieware and have been able to set things up fine for your basic “Flat Earth” printing. It came with a roller and I’m starting to explore it. I measured the diameter of the roller and got the settings correct so that when I run a test I get exactly one rotation of the roller. I know I can change the laser etching speed with no problem, but the slew speed between layers is set to some value that I can’t find - and it’s way too high. Every time that I try to burn something cylindrical, even if I put rubber bands on it and a heavy object inside to weight it down, it jerks around so fast that it moves the object out of alignment. I’ve read the forums and seen topics refer to Machine Settings where you can edit the speeds, but that doesn’t show for me. I’m running version 1.5.06 in Linux.

I highly recommend you reach out to Gweike on this.

For many machines with Smoothieware boards, you need to remove an SD card to manually adjust the configuration files there. I’m not sure if that’s the case with the G1 or not.

I believe you will need to adjust the default_seek_rate.

Ugh, thanks for the reply, even though I don’t like the answer. Their “support” is chatting with them through an AI interpreter.

The jump off speed determines what speed the Ruida will start moving the axes initially and the acceleration for that axes determines how fast it will accelerate that axes from the jump off speed to the selected speed.

I have multiple machine settings that I load when I’m doing something with the rotary…


Without your graphic, I can’t really suggest anything. I have to assume it’s vector graphics that maybe the issue. I have, many times, converted into a filled vector when I can scan it line by line rotating my Y axes by the interval step, removing the necessity to rotate it in the Y direction at any kind of speed…

I did a lot of mugs, but on some that use a vector, I prefer to use a chuck type if it’s changing direction and speed. I have both a chuck and a wheeled rotary.

This can have a dramatic effect, such as you might not be able to attain the speeds you are requesting.

Good luck


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