Changing spacing between words

Is there a way of easily changing spacing between words rather than letters in lightburn? I know I can convert text to path and move the individual pieces but I wondered if there was a simplier way that was consistent.

I’m not sure if this will help or not.

Once they are objects you can select them all and use the ‘alignment tools’

Screenshot from 2022-01-29 17-25-55

I was surprised how easily they worked. If you have letters such as

Screenshot from 2022-01-29 17-27-11

You will have to group them, if you want to center circle, as they are separate paths…

Don’t need any kind of ‘box’ around them, just selecting them should make the tools available.

Good luck


Not really simply. One workaround.

  1. write each word as a separate object
  1. Put the two outer words at the 2 far ends of where you want them placed
  2. Select all words
  3. Use Arrange->Distribute->Distribute H-spaced

This will spread all the words evenly.