Changing speed settings in lightburn has no effect on runtime or actual machine speed, this just started happening. I have had this machine for over a year

I HAVE RECENTLY UPDATED TO VERSION 1.5.02 That’s when this issue began.

How are you determining that there’s no change to actual speed? Where are you seeing this?

Also, how do you run a job and how are you connected to the machine?

Can you upload an example with screenshots/photos showing what you’re seeing?

I transfer from laptop to ruida and run from there. In lightburn when you select preview the time to complete does not change even if speed is tripled. I know it’s not changing because the laser is traveling slowly enough to set a cork coaster on fire, I run the machine almost daily, switching from wood to slate to cork my setting of course change. I can tell by watching the gantry move that it is not right

Can you provide the following for review:

  1. screenshot of LightBurn showing your Cuts/Layers window
  2. screenshots of Preview before and after change
  3. generated RD file
  4. the .lbrn file that contains your design
  5. photo of Ruida panel showing run speed
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Could Lightburn be set to mm/m for units?