Changing the layers tab from common to advanced in order to set tab offsets

In the open layers tab how do I get the" common" section to open in “advance” in order to set the offset to cut out tabbed items? I have Neje 3Max A40640 running lightburn software 1.3.01

I can’t quite make sense of the question stated vs the implied outcome.

To answer the question as stated. You can switch between tabs in the Cut settings by clicking on the respective tab for “Common” vs "Advanced’, shown in separate colors here:

However, I don’t understand the goal of setting an offset for tabbed items. Can you elaborate on what you mean by that?

There’s nothing in Advanced that I can correlate to what you’re referring. Most aspects of Tabs are available in the Common tab but it’s not clear that’s what you’re referring to either.

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I found what I was doing wrong. I was in beginner mode and could not set the kerf offset. I assumed it was done under “Advanced” In beginner mode that tab is nonexistent, just the “common” is available. Once I clicked on the beginner mode under settings button, I was able to turn it off. Once I did that my screen refreshed . I was able to set my kerf offset.

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