Changing the machine Origin

Hello all!

I run two different machines. Both OMtech, one a 100w 1000mm bed and one a 60w 7000mm bed. Both are red, each with a different controller.

The problem I have is they both have different origins.

We will design and set up new LB files on a working PC, then import to either machine’s PC. No matter which orientation we select on the working PC, it is going to import backwards on one of the machines or the other. This can be troublesome working with logos because the orientation isnt always obvious and I certainly have brain farts.

With all that said, can I alter the factory origin on either of the machines to match the other?



I also should say, I know how to switch the origin in device settings, but in the past when I have went to calibrate the camera lens, everything is then backwards. In other words, either the camera is backwards OR the files import backwards.

From what I understand, with Ruida controllers origin pretty much has to be the same as homing location. I haven’t explored this much to question that.

So if you did want to get both machines to be common then you’d likely need to relocate the homing switch and modify the Ruida configuration to match. Very doable if you’re willing.

With the holiday orders coming, I need both of these at 100%, but I would be more than willing after the rush. I can’t afford to have one down for a second at the moment.

Would you have any pointers as to where to start? I know enough about the machine settings and laser operationally, but very little about set up items like this one.

The red box on the gantry and the frame are going to be the homing switches, correct? Visibly the red boxes on the gantries are in different locations on the machines.



Switches will typically look like this:

Once the switch is physically moved then you’ll need to make some configuration changes on the controller. Ruida will attempt to home toward the X- and Y- limit switches. It assumes this based on stepper direction. I’m not certain if this is everything but minimally you’d need to change:

  1. Machine Settings->Vendor Settings->Direction Polarity for any axes you’ve changed

In addition, you may need to change:

  1. Machine Settings->Vendor Settings->Invert Keypad Direction for axes where keypad isn’t working correctly.

I’m not certain but you may also need to change “Screen Origin” on the Ruida Panel to the new origin corner.

If you do this I’d suggest moving the laser head to the center of the machine before powering on and getting ready to hit ESC in case it doesn’t move in the right direction.

Of course take a backup of your settings before making any changes.

It sounds simple… I’d advise you wait until you have a ‘slack’ in business.

I’ve seen these home in almost all corners, so I know it’s possible with the right configuration.

However, the less then half a dozen I’ve tried to help that have attempted this have had to go to someone that ‘commercially’ sets these up to get it right… I think the last one I suggested MW laser … phone support and it took them a while to get it operational…

Or they gave up… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I haven’t tried it myself, but these people are competent and they’ve had problems…

IMHO, leave it alone until you can afford the downtime… :thinking:

If I were to attempt this …

  1. backup and save the working configuration
  2. leave the original home switches/wiring in place
  3. add the new ‘home’ switches
  4. might be able to just parallel them as most are open collector
  5. make adjustments to the configuration…
    A. Save the ‘adjusted’ configuration

Usually only one of ‘home’ sensors goes through the drag chain(s) the other is fixed frame mounted.

At least this way, you can just ‘reload’ the configuration and it should work without ‘breaking’ anything… You could work on it at your leisure… I had to physically move my x home limit when I changed out the head, but kept the same origin.

If you’re not too radical on where the origin is, then you can probably get away with only adding a single sensor for homing. If it’s rear/right and you are moving it to the rear/left, then only one of the home switches needs to be moved/added.

I’d be cautious about changing directions of things… at least with directional arrows on the console. You will have to change the homing direction on the affected axes, but I don’t know if that changes the ‘arrow’ keypad directions…

Let us know how you are going to handle it… I’d like to hear your experiences with this…

Good luck


Thank you for taking the time @berainlb I appreciate you.

Thank you very much @jkwilborn - I will absolutely heed your advice and wait a bit. For now, I’ll try to avoid running a full bed of patches backward :exploding_head:


I would encourage you to wait a bit before trying to change origins. You never know what may be coming in future release of LightBurn to help resolve these issues. :slight_smile:

I think that is great advice. Thank you very much and have an excellent day.