Changing the number of steps has no effect - rotary axis, ruida 6332G

Hello everyone.
I wanted to set up a rotary axis today, but changing the number of steps has no effect. When entering different values, the object has the same size all the time.
Ruida 6332G controller

I am having the exact problem. I am using iOS with the same controller and my burns on my tumblers are perfect in width but about 2 x too tall

Did you fix this problem ?

While a bit dated, this is worth review:

Unfortunately, it did not help :frowning:

What did you try, and what happens when you try that thing? Where in this process is it not working as you’d expect? Please provide more details. Saying “it did not help” doesn’t tell us exactly what was tried and the result. Hard to trouble shoot “did not help”. :slight_smile:

Changing the Y steps per mm will have no effect at all when using the rotary. The ONLY thing that affects the rotary movement for Ruida is the steps per rotation count, and the roller diameter (or object diameter when using a chuck rotary).

Just to be clear - Are you changing the step count in the rotary setup screen, or in Edit > Machine Settings? (You didn’t specify, which is why I mentioned that changing the Y steps wouldn’t have an effect, but if you’re changing them in the rotary box, that should actually work)

@LightBurn I am changing the step count in the rotary setup screen.

@Rick Draws a square with dimensions of 2 x 2 cm and on the roller comes out 2 x 6 cm (where 6 cm is a vertical wall, Y axis). I thought to change the number of steps per revolution but it has no effect (the square is still 2 x 6 cm).
Chuck rotary.

Where? You have not said.

Try changing in the rotary box and please report back.

I just solved that problem. What you need to do is update the controller to the latest version and that has to be done with rd works. After you upgrade it is a matter of figuring out your steps per rotation in lightburn.

@Gatorman Do you know where I can find the update files? I was looking and i can’t find for my RUIDA 6332G.

MW laser is where I got mine. On the net. Tell him you talked to gator

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