Changing the radius of a corner

I know I can use the Undo command to undo a radius, but let’s say I create a rectangle and radius the corners. I cut that shape and do a test fit and find that I need to adjust the size of the radius. Let’s also say that I’ve saved and exited, or even gone on to do some more design work on the same file – I can no longer use the Undo command to undo the radius (because that would mean undoing everything that I’ve done since). Is there a way to change an existing radius? Ideally, I should be able to click a radiused corner and the existing radius distance should show up in the Radius tool, allowing me to adjust the amount of radius in that corner. Or, I should be able to right click a radiused corner and have a context menu pop up allowing me to adjust the radius, or remove it altogether so I can then create a new radius. Am I missing something here? This seems like such a fundamental design element that I can’t believe there’s not a way to do it already.

You can’t Ctrl+Z after you have closed and reopened LB. Furthermore, I mentioned wanting to go back and adjust the radius after other design work has been done in the file. I’d have to literally undo everything that took place after the radius in order to change it. Not a viable option in this case.

Lightburn doesn’t keep all the change history when you exit. Most programs don’t.

It doesn’t save them in any kind of parametric mechanism that would be required to edit shapes with your intent.

I think that is just way out of the scope of lightburn design.

When I know i"m going to change things, I use Freecad, with it’s parametric abilities and export the dxf for use in lightburn.


I get what you’re saying, but there could be a rudimentary feature that allows you to remove a radius. If the program knows it’s a radiused corner, then it knows there are two intersecting lines, and it could easily remove the radius and re-intersect the lines, allowing you to start over with the radius command. I’ll just submit it as a feature request.

It doesn’t actually know that it’s a radiused corner. It knows that it’s a bezier curve. When the radius is applied it’s actualized as a bezier curve and is a destructive operation.

The only time where the program is aware that there’s a corner radius is if you set this in shape properties for a rectangle. You’re free to change that as much as you like. If you do anything to covert the object to a path then you’ll lose the ability to change corner radius.

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Thanks – just before heading to bed last night, I had this same exact thought. I guess that’s the only way around it.

The LT version, has to know about this, as you can view, use and delete them if created in Autocad.

IMHO, most cad software will let you do this.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Lightburn is really a CAD software, in the general sense of the term, when put in comparison to packages like Autocad. They both target specific engineering challenges.

Although rightly called computer aided design Lightburn is generally use for 2d with limited 3d abilities. You have to carry a lot more data around when you add another dimension.

I believe the Freecad package I use will allow me to open a file I’ve been working on, but I cannot do a ^z to undo something from a previous edit session, that data is lost when I closed the app.

There’s probably a way to fix it in Lightburn as others have mentioned, but not like in an standard 3d cad package.

As the design gets more complex, the ‘fix’ can become more complex.

If you can maintain it in the proper format, @RalphU suggestion seems a good way to handle this in Lightburn.


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Brilliant! Thanks for this – this is exactly what I was missing! I didn’t know this tab existed – this makes radiused corners so much easier. And, here I thought there must be an easier way to do it rather than one corner at a time. Thank you! @berainlb had also mentioned this, but without the context of the screenshot you provided, I glossed over it, thinking it was a preference that would affect all rectangles created until changed back to 0. Thanks to both of you, and to those who provided useful information as well.

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