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Considering changing from RDWorks to Lightburn it appears watching the video’s that I have to change the machine settings is that right ? what if I don’t like the program how would I change it back? Also can I do things in Corel and trainspher them to Lightburn to engrave. Corel does not help with issues very frustrating. I have a boss 1420 if that helps answer any of my questions. One more question does Lightburn have snaps haven’t seen that in any video’s yet?

Trying to remember if I changed anything when I switched from RDWorks to LightBurn for my 1420.

I think LightBurn kept all the machine settings and all I needed to do was check that the home location (Back right) was set in LightBurn. I do know it was very easy and painless because I had no real idea how to use the laser when I made the change and the switch went very smoothly.

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There are no settings changes required to move from RDWorks to LightBurn or vice versa. Even I still run RDWorks for the odd job that I still have in that format - You can continue to use RDWorks, you just can’t run both at the same moment because only one can talk to the laser at a time.

If you have reverse interval settings in RDWorks you would need to apply the same settings in LightBurn, as those are stored in the software, not the laser.

You were likely reading topics for GCode based CNC systems, and in those cases there are some settings differences, because LightBurn was written for dedicated lasers, not CNC’s with lasers added later, and the workflow for CNC is a little different.

Snaps are a new feature, so we don’t have video of them yet. If you run the trial version they’re active by default, so it should be pretty apparent. They are covered briefly in the documentation here:

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