Changing XY Coordinates from Center to Home 0,0

When I have a rectangle or square design, I would like to have the bottom left of the design be positioned at 0,0, which is the Home position. But if you look at the attached image, although the bottom left is positioned at the 0,0 position, the coordinates on the top bar show the center coordinates. How can I change the coordinates on the top to show the bottom left of my design, so instead of manually dragging the square and guessing that it is at 0,0, I can just select it and change the coordinates to 0,0?
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The 3x3 stacked radio buttons determine what relative part of an object is relevant for the information presented in the other portions of the position dialogues and from which perspective new changes will be affected. By moving the selection to the lower left dot with the relevant object selection, you should be able see the position of the object’s lower-left position and force to 0,0.

Thank you so much for your direction. I’ve been so focused on other engraving subjects that I failed to do the obvious - hover the mouse over the screen buttons and test their functions. Thanks for waking me up!

Don’t beat yourself up. Although I think this convention is super clever and flexible, it’s not necessarily obvious without some exposure.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth exploring the various toolbar functions. Beyond that there are lots of surprisingly specific but useful one-off capabilities sprinkled into menus and windows that will come in handy now and again.

Andy, welcome aboard.

I’ve come to understand the many things in Lightburn are highly intuitive. The more you use it the more of these things come to light. A very flexible software has very steep learning curve, generally speaking. Lightburn is the most intuitive software I’ve ever used.

Add to this, that you are used to how something works, now they dropped you into a different package that does the same thing, just a different workflow or process.

Don’t get frustrated. Sit down, think. If you’re having difficulties, then ask a question

When I taught software languages, I found that if one student didn’t get it, probably over 30% had issues. I advocate questions, makes us all think.

If you have some of these issues, check out the lightburn documentation on these menus and what they tell you. It’s pretty well explained. If that isn’t clear, post the question…

Take care, good luck.


Hi Jack,
Thanks for the warm welcome. I agree with you on the learning curve. I work with Quark and Adobe Photoshop and as you say, basically the same stuff, just a different workflow. And the more you start understanding, the easier it is to fill in the blanks. By the way, if you know I am looking for a programmer with that experience.

Sorry, retired out of it back in the 90’s. Have enough ‘fun’ fixing my own stuff and generating the minimal amount of software to get the job done on the machines I use.

Good luck


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