Check Size button

Is there some way of running the outline of a design to see what the actual dimensions on the machine will be / I am referring to the Check Size of Laserweb which were very handy to have.

It is the frame command

As Anthony points out, you have 2 options in LightBurn.

Thanks I found it, guess the name confused me a bit. By hovering over buttons an explanation display. I am trying to figure a quick way out to locate ie the Cut Dialogue . I still move them all around, close them and hope to get to the right windows.Is there a hotkey to alternate between the open windows perhaps?

This may be a helpful tutorial. Provides an overview of the workspace and different layout behaviors allowing you to setup your LightBurn to best suit your workflow.

There isn’t a quick way to pull those up, but that’s not a bad idea, or hard to do on my end. I’ll think about it.