Checking for Updates failure

On checking for updates, I get ‘Error creating SSL context’
Any Ideas much appreciated thanks.

What OS are you running?

Have you searched the forum for the error message? There are many such posts. If not, try a search and see if any of those apply to you. If this is unique then post the details of your situation and someone else might be able to help. Right now you’ve provided very little to go on.

Windows 10

I have a similiar issue on Fedora 36

I should add that I was trying to determine what my current version was as I am unable to find that information anywhere else in the UI.

This information is available in several locations in LightBurn. Click on ‘Help’–>‘Quick Help and Notes’, then click the ‘About’ tab. Or look to the top title-bar, where we also display the version number.

Thanks, I did stumble onto the About location later. That of course doesn’t address the failure to check for updates.

You can download directly from our site at any time. :slight_smile: Investigating further…

I may not be able to solve the problem but I am willing to test any solutions you might come up with for what that is worth.

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