Child Height Stick : with existing heights - how to?

I have a request to laser a board with ruled measurements (in feet and inches) that the customer wants to hang on the wall and mark her grandchildren’s heights onto as the grow.

She was doing this on a wall with her kids, but some damage occured in the house and it needs to be repainted. So she painstakingly measured and wrote down the names and heights from the wall before repainting, and asked if I could include those on the lasered board. I’m thinking I’ll do her children on one side of the ruled marks and leave space on the other side for the grandchildren, would be cool to see if the grandchildren outpace their parents.

ANYWAYS my question is: what would be the best method for accurately plotting these existing names and dates along the rule? I’ve made the ruled lines accurately in LB no problem, but it seems daunting to position 30/40 name and date combos accurately.

This is one of those times I wish for an easy to use ruler tool, I’ve been doing the method where I draw a rectangle, made it the length I’m trying to measure, then align what I need and delete the rectangle but it’s somewhat tedious. I’m sure there’s a better way I just am not smart enough to find it.


I would just position the text along the rule in LightBurn by highlighting it and dragging to the appropriate placement on the rule (Use the arrow keys for more precise positioning if needed) then Laser all at once

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