Chiller for 60 watt laser

I just bought a 60 watt now i need a chiller so this is my question go with a 5000/02 or Aquarium Chiller? The laser will be in my garage which in the summer its air conditioned and winter its heated. Any suggestions?

From my personal experience, a ‘real’ chiller is a much better solution. It’s like a ronco - Set it and forget it. :wink:


I use a 5200 chiller for my 60-watt laser in the unheated/non-AC garage in the midwest and its worked well for me. Set and forget it.

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A 5000 is more than enough for a 60W and would be my choice IF there is a big difference in price to a 5200. With that said, the last time I looked there were some 5200 offerings that were very close in price to the 5000. One of the intriguing things about some 5200 chillers (not all) is that they offer dual water outlets and inlets. This would be great if you think that in the future you might run a dual tube laser OR it could probably service two 60 watt laser machines sitting next to each other.

I think it is worth it to get a genuine S&A Teyu chiller versus clone. Besides better build quality, they have actual customer support and a real two year warranty.

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Oops - I do have the CW-5000, not the CW-5200.

I have the CW5000 in an unairconditioned/unheated garage and it has no problems with a 100W laser. Even on long jobs it doesn’t budge from the set temperature of 16C.

If you are in the Houston area, I have like 12 brand new 1/3 HP 110v chillers that are used to pre-chill soda syrup that I use for my laser and works perfect. The tank holds 7 gallons of water. It may look kinda Road Warriorish but it gets the job done really well. $150 brand new in box. If anyone is interested message me and I can send pictures…


Im in south dakota


And you can buy direct. If you need contact email, etc., just ask.

Not anywhere close to Houston, but what a great and useful post! I want to re-engineer my cooling and that is a great option.

i know it has been a year since you posted, do you still have these, could you send me some pics?

thanks in advance