Chinese 60W machines on Ebay - which to select?

Hello all,
I’m researching my first purchase and will likely go with the common 60W Chinese machine on Ebay. Questions I have:
Many of the Ebay sellers seem to be the same company (based on ad appearance and location), but the pricing is slightly different. I live in Oregon so I’m looking for shipment from California, most likely. Ebay sellers include “seriouswholesaler”, “wowfreeshipping1”, “premiumautopart” and “acautoparts04”. Their ebay pages and advertisements look almost identical. Is there any preference beyond price??
Are there any differences between the different colored machines? Most common is red/black, but I’ve also seen yellow/black and blue models.
A blue machine advertised to be “new for 2020” caught my eye. They are advertising new “upgrades” including a larger brown-tinted acrylic window on the hood, a dual platform (beehive and aluminum knife); built-in air pump already installed, and an aluminum vent duct (instead of plastic). Are these upgrades worth selecting this one? Price is in line with the others at $1949.
The price of all these range from $1910 to $2020. One unit for $2005 includes a rotary axis, and another for $2020 includes Lightburn. I figure in any case, I can buy Lightburn for $80. I would not use the rotary axis right away, but might be nice to have?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Orionmotortech which is also known as Preenex is very reputable. I own one of their 60 watts and I am very happy with the laser and tech support.

I also use Preenex and never had problems. at the expense of sellers, contact to customer service or use ebay phone number

I buy on aliexpress, but I also suffer from a lack of information. Thanks at least I have an aliexpress customer service number

Do you have the 60 watt one with the legs? I am asking because I want to get the 20" X 28" 60 watt but it is too big to get through my door. If I can remove the legs the main section will fit through the door. When I talked to them the tech said the legs are tack welded on with a couple of small welds. I don’t think a couple of tack welds will hold the legs on, I think it has to be bolted or screwed from inside the case to the legs. Would it be possible for you to look inside and see how it is attached?


I have an 80 watt OMT 20" x 28" (red&black) and yes the legs come off of mine. With the legs off and the unit turned sideways it will fit through a 29" doorway.

Thanks that has been what I have been trying to find out. Did you take yours off? How did they come off? Could you take a look at the OMT website to see if their current models look like the one you have?


I just checked my laser and unfortunately the legs are welded on. It was purchased a few years ago so the design might be different now.

Thanks. That’s what worries me.

The base on mine unbolts with 4 Allen cap screws inside the machine, one in each corner.
The legs are welded to the base and at first glance it doesn’t look removable but mine certainly is.

Production date on mine is 03/2019 FWIW.

Does it look like this?

Mine is red & black, but the cabinet looks exactly like that. Mine separates where the base meets the cabinet at the red line I’ve drawn. Bolts are inside the machine in the corners, accessible through the front door.

Perfect. Thank you very much! I will go order mine now.