Chinese font question

I have someone wanting a calendar with the months in chinese. I have never dealt with this. Is it as simple as installing chinese .ttf fonts at thr OS level and go from there?

Who is doing the design for this? Are you receiving a pre-made design and if so, in what format?

If you receive a design with the Chinese characters converted to paths then you need not do anything at all as it will treat the paths like any other design (and not as “text”).

If you receive a design with the Chinese characters as text then yes, you will need to have a Chinese font installed. And like with Latin fonts there are many to choose from and will all have a different feel. Ideally you’d have the identical font to the one that was used in the original creation.

If you are doing the design yourself there will be the additional challenge of being able to input these characters into LightBurn. If you are not familiar with Chinese then really the best way to do this would be to copy/paste from a document or website. And please for everyone involved, no matter how careful you think you are, please have a fluent reader review what you’ve done.

The approaches I’ve listed here are pretty much in the order you probably want to deal with this from least involved to most involved.

I have a calendar already designed. They asked to change month’s from English to chinese. Its not a problem to change the design, its just the whole font thing in lightburn.

Copy paste sounds like a great idea.

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