Chinese laser control boards that are compatible with lightburn

I recently bought a 50W JPT fiber laser from aliexpress and unfortunately it seems like the control board doesn’t work with lightburn. It works with ezcad2, but I am having a lot of issues hatching shapes there. I am looking for a link to a board that others have bought that they can confirm works with lightburn, preferably in the 200$ range. Any help is appreciated.

I just bought the linked board:

Fingers crossed that it works with lightburn!

It should work with Lightburn if it’s EZCad2 compatible.

Did you follow the Lightburn Galvo setup?

The drivers in windows for EZCad2 and Lightburn are incompatible. Ensure you have the proper driver.

I’m not a windows person, but this link is how many are managing drivers…

This video shows how to swap out the control board.

Good luck


Yes, I tried all of that. Some ezcad2 compatible boards don’t work with light burn and I happen to have one!

OK, as far as I knew, if it works with EZCad2 it should work with Lightburn…

Good luck


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