Chinese Laser Cut/Engrave Speeds

I am getting less than satisfying straight lines when using the cut line function with my new Chinese 100W Co2. The lines are wavy at 5 in/sec

I turned the feeds down to .5 in/sec and acceleration down to 500mm/sec2 and the lines improved but still are not great

are these results expected or is there something wrong with the machine.

BTW for testing purposes I am just engraving anodized Aluminum

What size is the machine?

I have a 100w CO2 that’s 700mm x 500mm, and I get clean corners using 4000mm/sec^2 acceleration on Y and 5000mm/sec^2 accel on X.

With a large format machine, like a 1400mm x 900mm, the extra gantry weight can cause wobble and resonance, so you have to accelerate slower and use lower speeds, at least on the Y axis.

My machine is 1000x600. Is the wobbly line expected at 5 inches/sec.
I suspect that a realistic speed should be around 1.5 in/sec but on this machine the lines are still quite wobbly

Can you post a picture of your results? I’m curious how bad it is. As for whether it’s expected or not, that depends on the physical machine. If you have the tube mounted on the Y axis, for example, they’re made to be low-speed cutters, so yes, at those speeds, some wobble would be expected.

If your tube is fixed in the back of the machine, you should be able to handle 70 to 100mm/sec as long as your acceleration isn’t too high, but 127mm/sec might be pushing it.

That was 5 in/ sec
Sorry that I use imperial system. I am a machinist and I am just more used to imperial system. Seams like everything to do with laser is metric

Check to make sure your belts are tensioned correctly, and that your lens is snug in the lens holder. Also check to make sure you can’t move or shake the gantry by hand when the machine is powered. It might just be that your X axis isn’t stiff enough to resist resonance at the speeds you’re trying to move.