Chinese Laser lid switch disable?

Is it possible to disable the lid safety switch so the entire machine doesn’t shut down and go through the start up sequence every time you open the lid? I understand the benefit to having the laser shut off when the lid is opened but the entire machine shutting down is cumbersome.

Are you sure it has been wired correctly? I think it should only stop/pause and display an error on the screen?

You can remove the switch and connect the wires?
On my machine I have a switch to enable of disable the safety switch for the lid.

I can only assume that it came wired correctly, I wouldn’t even know where to begin if it was not. I’ve used other lasers (epilog) were the machine and controller display stay on even when the lid is open but the laser is disabled. On my machine when the lid opens, it completely shuts down, internal exhaust fan and everything. I was also thinking that shutting off power to the laser itself every time the lid is opened probably isn’t good for the laser. So when I place a new item, I shut the lid, it turns back on, goes through it’s 30 seconds or so of jogging then is ready to use again. It would be a lot nicer if the unit itself stayed on, allowed me to adjust the bed height etc, without shutting everything off.

Bjorn, which machine do you have? And where is your switch located? Thank you

Depends on your controller. For some you short the wires by putting a jumper in at the controller. On my Ruida, I simply went into the programming and disabled it and removed the wires and switches completely.

actually it sounds like the power is cut when you open the lid, maybe someone tried to make it a class 1 laser?

It sounds like the controller power supply (24v) is routed through the door switch, instead of having the switch just be an input on the controller itself.

Having a Ruida controller and the behavior of your machine by your description indicates the door switch is not wired as intended / ideally. What would be expected is having the door protection switch wired to the Ruida controller through CN2 Pin 3. That is specifically what this is for:

I have a white/orange 80 watt laser.
Seen it in different colors… 3 switches on the front…

Thank you all for helping. So trace wire to see if it’s in the correct pin? If not , move it? And is there and option in controller to disable?

Thank you!

In a Ruida you can disable the switch in the programming. I would take a look at your wiring though. Wired to the correct terminal it DOES NOT shut down the controller.

Don’t forget, Ruida switches the ground, so your other leg of the switch should go to a positive pin.

@Dave01, this is not accurate for the CN2 block. Pins 2,3,4, and 5 are 5v DC + to ground. CN2 represents input to the controller such as “Hey controller, the door is open”, “Ruby Ruida, I have pressed this foot switch so you can start or pause this job now”, “Roland Ruida, can you do me a favor and fire the laser”, etc.

This is unlike the output behavior of CN1 (where the controller sends commands).

Not likely. Based on your description, this switch sounds to be wired to 24 volts and to a contactor controlling the line power. Therefore, if you move the wiring without really understanding, you will most likely find that your machine will not longer power on. Even worse, you may destroy the controller feeding 24v DC into a 5v out signal.

any creative ways to compress the safety switch to make it stay on while lid is open? I can then manually turn the laser only off with the knob but the unit will stay on. I tried tape, it doesn’t compress deep enough. Maybe some of that blue adhesive puddy for hanging things on walls?

If it’s no more than a normally open pin switch or micro switch and if your goal is to disable / bypass this control, you may be able to unplug / cut the wires feeding into the switch followed by connecting those two sections of wire together to close the circuit.

Let me emphasize: you really need to understand how the machine is wired before doing any of this. Never is it advisable to blindly move / short wiring.

99% sure they are all just Normally open switches. When the door is closed you get continuity to the low voltage circuit to the controller. Some manufacturer’s may route the high voltage line through the switch, but not likely. I will check my wiring diagram of my Chinese 100w CO2 and let you know.
If you ever plan on selling your machine in the future or others have access to play with the machine, you could just do what I did and put a thin piece of wood and some tape over the switch to keep it in the closed position and remove it when your are done for the day.

That way it remains safe if some else tries using it and don’t realize you need safety glass when the door is open.
A more permanent solution would be to remove the switch and tie the wires together.

Also, if it is switching the line voltage (120v or 240V) it will not be going to the controller, it will be just wired inline with the power switch most likely.

If it goes to the controller it has to be low voltage line ( 5v or 24v).

Thanks again for your help, very informative!

Thank you, i will try a thin piece of wood. I want it to remain safe, but also functional.

Its just a small red button in the right corner of where the lid sits when closed. Not much room on the right side to attach anything, but will try a thin piece of wood or something.