Chinese Laser Options

I know there seems to be many different options of the Chinese lasers out there but is there a difference? Are they all built in the same factory, do they all have the same parts? I think buying one already in the states would be better as to not get caught up in a shipping or tarrif nightmare. Are there any opinions or advice?


The search tool helps a lot…

Here is a good video, just out, about buying Chinese lasers.

Well I didn’t watch/listen to all of this but I can tell you my experience with the chinese laser.
Mine came from OMTEC. Absolutely completely adjusted in every aspect I could imagine. First time I turned it on and the last time I turned it on, yesterday, it has worked flawlessly.
Mine is advertised as a 60 W. Some have gotten real irritable because the Tube actually measures out to be 50W. So what! This machine does a great job on plywood and solid wood of varying species and thicknesses. Since we Sublimated tiles and glass for a several years I am not really over enthused about lasering same. Maybe some day but not right now.
If you need a higher wattage power? Get the next step up on the machine.
My machine cost $2500, my CNC two head commercial router cost $120,000.

I used Russ’s video as a basis when I bought my machine 3+ years ago. It is an XM-1060 Chinese 100W machine, and it hasn’t given me any trouble ( that I haven’t caused ) . I had upgraded to a RECI tube for more quality. It does have a Ruida controller in it and absolutely would buy another. Now, I won’t tell you that the machine’s quality rivals American built, it does not. The connections are ok, but not durable. But in my instance… evrything worked from Day 1, and I use it a lot. I bought mine on Ebay from HL Lasercut. Threw away the RdWorks code and bought LightBurn…