Chineseum K40 Simulation Settings

I’m trying to dial in the simulation settings for my K40. I searched the forum and discovered numerous topics about it, but mostly seem to deal with Ruida controllers (I think), because I don’t have Edit>Machine Settings and I don’t an “import from machine” button in the simulation settings screen.

Is there some other way I might be able to figure this out?

John, what kind of a controller do you have in your K40 ?, I would like to help figure out why you do not, but I can get the simulation information. But unfortunately I only have a little late, during the day the opportunity to be at my machine, I report back as soon as I am in the workshop.

Sorry for the delay but I just had to fix my power supply, the fan was making strange noises.
I have a Mini-Gerbil controller board from Awesome Tech and with that controller I have access to the settings that you are missing. I tried for safety’s sake if it could be related to beginner mode, but it’s not. So I suspect this is a feature your controller and / or your Gerbil version does not support.
But you can still set the parameters manually, I assume …?
Isn’t there someone here in the forum with a K40 and Cohesion3d who will be able to help further here?

Sorry, I thought I put that in there…I’m running the Cohesion3D Laserboard.

Does that run GCode? I think it does…

Correct, I’m not running in beginner’s mode either.

I can, but wouldn’t even know what to begin guessing.

I do not know if it helps you, but here are the settings that I have read out when I run a small test.
I have measured the time and there is a deviation of 6% in this example (+1.3 sec.)

So I downloaded conifg file from the LaserBoard and found some acceleration settings and was able to use them as a starting point. I got it dialed in very close by adjusting the global speed scale.

That’s fine,
you should not expect 100% correct timings either, it’s a simulation. But everything within +/- 10% is fine for me and gives me a useful value.

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