Chip-reading difficulty

Today, I came up with a glitch in the works, and I hope somebody can help me with. I have been using the same memory chip with my Longer Ray5 10W, and it has been working fine. A few minutes ago, I created another file and went to the laser with the chip and it did not show the file on the “cut” list like all the other old ones I had been using.
I went back to the computer with the chip and looked–the file was listed right along with the others. I re-saved it two more times and tried it each time and the same thing happened.
Why would it not show up on the laser screen to be cut?

Thanks for any solutions.

Make sure the file extension is the same for all file types. It’s possible that your controller is filtering files based on extension.

Hello berainlb,
I did double-check, and each time I did have the .gc extension.

Then possibly file number limit or somehow the file isn’t being fully written. Are you safely ejecting the device before physically removing it?

What happens if you overwrite an existing file? Does that file show and are you able to run it?

I’m not sure about the file limit, but I have had more files on the chip in the past than I have listed now.
I will try deleting some of them and re-saving this one to see if that helps.
Thanks for the tips.

BTW–I did and usually always eject the chip, rather than just yank it out, so I don’t think that was the problem.

Well, Shucks!!
That deletion process did nothing to help me. Should I format the chip to start over again?

Did you see that the files were in fact removed from the controller?

Did you try overwriting an existing file with a new file?

If you duplicate an existing file, does the newly created duplicate file show?

You could but it’s unclear that’s the issue. If you’re out of ideas it’s worth a shot.

Let me try those things.

I saved the new file under an old name that was already on the chip and it is working fine. I still don’t know why the other file name did not work. The file name I used was “COTA-02”. Does it not like hyphens? I am pretty sure I have used them before with no problem.

Hyphens should be fine but you never know about these things.

But it’s interesting that overwriting the file does in fact work. I think a reformatting worth trying in that case in case there’s a corruption in the filesystem.

If you can format from the controller itself that would be best. Otherwise using the SD Formatter from the SD Association is preferable over an OS format:
SD Memory Card Formatter for Windows/Mac | SD Association (

I’m very new at this and am not sure what you mean, “From the controller.”
I think you are saying from the laser itself–correct?
My Longer Ray5 10W will only read the chip inserted. If it has other functions, I have not learned them yet. I just create on the computer, save to chip, remove chip, insert chip in laser, select file, and go.
We had a project for a client that was kinda rush-rush, and I just learned the basics that were necessary.
I was not expecting this chip/memory incident.
Thanks for your help. I think I can keep going, for now.
Take care and have a great weekend.

Yes. That is what I meant. If it doesn’t have the functionality to format a card then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Good luck!

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