Choosing a camera angle

So… I purchased a Chinese 70W 30" x 16" laser engraver machine with Ruida controller and autofocus. I’ve measured the height to ~ 28" from the work bed to where I would likely mount the camera. Using the camera help on Lightburn, I think I have narrowed down to the 8MP W camera. The aspect ratio is the same for both the 95 and 110 angle, but minimum height is 20" for the 95 degree, and 12.5" for the 110degree.

Does it matter which one I choose? I think the 95 degree makes sense in my limited understanding of this concept. It would be closer in height to the 28" and so would be less of a wide angle at that height? Thank you for your help!

The 95 would be the better choice, yes - You’d be closer to the “correct” mounting height for it, and so more of the bed would fill the camera view.

Thank you!

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