Choosing the best position to mount camera

I have a Chinese 6040 and ordered 90 degree camera. I have it mounted but the placement of it is far enough away from the bed that I think I lose some clarity. It seems the ideal place for it would be about halfway down the lid which should be right in the middle of the window. Where I have it mounted I can make out scans on items I have on the bed but I can’t make out cut lines. Should I expect this is normal or would I be better to try to make amount that puts it more in the center of my lid? I think where it is now it’s about 24 in from the bed. I think the calculations for choosing a camera indicated this 90-degree could be about 15 or 16 inch away from the bed. Thoughts?

First, did you take the protective sticker off the lens?

LOL. Fair question but yes I did. Funny thing is when I first turned it on the image was so faded I couldn’t make out anything. It was until I went to actually burn something in found the camera controls that I saw that the default was set to have it faded. It made a big difference once I took that off