Chuck rotary- origin positioning

The way that I’ve gotten it to work, is to use the Z axis circuit. I unplug the A4849 driver, made a plugin and extended the wires to the large driver. At some point I want to try the TMC 2209. Anyway, I go into rotary setup and select the Z axis, fiddled around the settings and got it rotating 360 degrees using the test button. I want the X axis to remain intact as I could then switch back and forth. This is a GRBL based machine.

So, here’s my problem:
Let’s say I have some text to engrave on the cylinder and I create it in LB. How do I move the Z axis to rotate the cylinder to position the origin on the cylinder? Additional move controls for the Z axis are absent.

I’m not sure I know what you mean. The Move controls will move XY & Z. X & Y are with the buttons on the sides and top, while Z+ & Z- are the Up and Down arrows. Z has a different speed setting than X or Y also.

By the way, I believe the Test button is supposed to only rotate 90 degrees.

Just checked and saw the buttons. Thanks. I’ll check on the 90 degree rotation.

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