CHUCK ROTARY the laser wont start on the bottle

Hello, i have set up the roatary and have placed a bottle. But everytime i press start the laser head moves to another starting point, no where near the bottle, I dont know what i am doing wrong. as i have followed all the instructions.
If you could send me more information on this as i am maybe missing something it would be great.

Thank you.

Generally with rotary it is normal to use the “start from current position” option. Use the icon with the 9 dots below the drop down list to say what point of the job you consider the start and line the head up with that position. Then manually jog the laser head to the start position you want.

See how the green square on the job moves with the different start points.

Hope that helps,


Hi ,thanks for your post, but thats not a problem, when i connect my rotary and press start, head is moving to last working position, can that be fixed or its just like that???

No, that shouldn’t happen. The job should start from where the laser head is at the time. Are you sure there is no other artefact in the job that is causing it to start from that object? If you do a Cntrl- A to select all, does it only select the image you think you are going to engrave? Have you tried clicking “Cut selected graphics” and “use selection origin” to see if works correctly then?

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