cinfiguraÇão de percurso

I already had the S30 recorder, and I had to change and purchased the S30 22w kit.

What is happening is that after replacing all the components in the structural frame that it already had, following all the instructions according to the installation manual that accompanies the kit, the machine is not working properly.

It is not respecting the starting point x0,y0, determined for the work area, the impression is that the coordinates are inverted.

I would like some kind of support to resolve the issue.

I stay in the water.


Nilton Kuperchmit

Home the laser. Then in console type G10 L20 P1 X0 Y0 enter.

I did what you told me but it didn’t work, I still have the same problem, the machine understands the point Xo, Yo is in negative displacement, to the left and down

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