Circle arrays question

Ah, you are here. There are some great resources on this forum that can be found by category, topic headings or using the search tool found at the top of each page. I picked an octagon in my example as it was the easiest way to share. You can do the same ‘Copy to Path’ with any shape. You might want to try a circle as well.

LightBurn provides drawing tools on the default ‘Tools’ toolbar.

To create an octagon, select the ‘Regular Polygon’ toolimage.

Drag out the size you want (hold SHIFT key to drag uniformly or CTRL to create from center), then look to the ‘Shape Properties’ window to adjust the number of sides you want your polygon to have.

We have this post for our first-time users.

Our documentation: GitHub - LightBurnSoftware/Documentation: Documentation for LightBurn laser software

Here is the official LightBurn Youtube channel: