Circle is not round

Hello everyone,
I’ve been struggling with a problem for a while now and, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a solution. Maybe someone can help me and
explain what’s wrong with my “circles”? It’s possible that there’s an issue with my settings?

The belts are not overly tight.
“Hide backflash” is activated.

I’m using the Atomstack X20 PRO laser.

It’s likely an issue with backlash. I’d suggest not enabling that setting as you should be able to address the actual root cause of the backlash.

More than likely this is going to be on the pulley for the Y-axis. Check that the grub screws securing the pulley are properly positioned and tightened against the flat of the stepper shaft.

Also review the rest of the mechanics of the system for anything that could be contributing to loss of motion. Follow the chain of movement from stepper to the laser module to eliminate any source of backlash.

There is a gap in the y-axis or x-axis
Or the linear speed and curve speed are too different

Are you talking about this speed settings?

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