Circle not circle and not starting in corner

In the picture below you can see an inner circle which is not truly a circle but you can see the start and stop point. The outer circle you can see started in the middle of the circle when I have selected to start at corner. Can you see my settings and advise what to change?

I would look at belt tension, or flex in the head

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@Dbracken I’ll touch on your two concerns separately.

For the inner circle where start and stop points don’t intersect this is likely related to where your x and y axes are out of step. Either something with your motor configuration or the mechanism used to move the head. I’m not familiar with your particular laser. @jjpython’s suggestion applies here. Normally this would show up as your circle being elliptical but this could be caused if your motor is missing steps.

You may want to try engraving a square and then measure width and height of the burned image to test if they measure square and match your design dimensions. Also, do the start and end points align.

As for the second question about the outer circle not starting at a “corner”. What exactly are you expecting in terms of behavior given that this is a circle?

You can actually see and set the start point of the burn if you use the “set shape start point” tool from the tool menu on the left.

It looks like this:

Be aware that this only works on single non-complex objects, meaning you can’t have 2 shapes grouped together or one shape contained by another shape.

First check that pulleys aren’t loose on the shafts and other obvious mechanical problems.
However I found that when circle start and end points don’t line up its because the stepper resolution isn’t high enough. Resolution is a setting on the drives and after changing it you have to recalibrate the machine.

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