Circle problems

Can anyone help me. I’m trying to burn circles on top of each other like offset and duplicate but doesnt match.

Your machine is likely skipping and missing steps - Check that your belts are tensioned properly as there should be no slack in the drive belts that move the laser.

The issue was resolved now the circles dont meet at the end. The circles are ok but from start and end there is about a 1 mm gap. Thank you by the way

That’s most likely the same issue, just a lesser version of it.

One more thing. What will happen if the tension is too tight?

They shouldn’t be as tight as guitar strings, for example, but there shouldn’t be any slack in the belts. It’s also possible you’re just trying to move too fast - you haven’t said what speed you tried to run that circle at.

Speed is 1400/mm 30% power. Thank you so much for your help.

That speed should be fine.

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